Dr. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz


Doctoral Dissertation:
• S. Meenalosini, (2014), "New Methodologies for Efficient Computer Aided Malignancy Diagnosis in Digital Mammograms", Thesis, School of Computing, Veltech Dr. RR & Dr.SR Technical University.
International Book chapter:
• Dr.J.Janet, S.Meenalosini, Divya Mohandas, "Lossless Compression Techniques for Medical images in Telemedicine", ADVANCES IN TELEMEDICINE, Intech open Access Publisher, 2011.
International Journal publication:
  1. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, Anupama Namburu, Sumathi D, BKSP Kumar Raju Alluri, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy,, " “Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic - Origin, Global Impact and Indian Therapeutic Solutions for infectious. Diseases”, Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IJTK), Vol:19(Suppl), December 2020, pp-S103-S117.
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  3. Sibi Chakkaravarthy S, D. Sangeetha, Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, V. Vaidehi, Balasubramanian R, Design of Intrusion Detection Honeypot using Social Leopard Algorithm to detect IoT ransomware attacks,IEEE Access, Sept 2020, Page,1-13, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3023764
  4. Anupama Namburu, Sibi Chakkaravarthy, Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, Single Valued Triangular Neutrosophic Fuzzy c-Means for MR Brain Image, Recent Advances in Computer Based Systems, Processes and Applications, DOI: 10.1201/9781003043980-11
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Journals under publication:

    1. Sangeetha D, Sibi Chakkaravarthy, Suresh Chandra Satapathy, Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, “Multi Keyword Searchable Attribute Based Encryption for Efficient Retrieval of Health Records in Cloud", Multimedia Tools and Applications.

    International Conference presentations:
    1. Anupama Nambaru, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy , Meenalosini Vimal Cruz , Hari Seetha-,Single Valued Triangular Neutrosophic Fuzzy c-Means for MR Brain Image Segmentation International Conference on Data Science, Machine Learning and Statistics - 2019 (DMS-2019)
    2. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy, Anupama Nambaru, Matthew Pittendreigh, Single valued Neutrosophic fuzzy c-means for MR brain image segmentation, International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology , New York, July 2019.
    3. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy, Anupama Nambaru, Skin Cancer Detection Using Capsule Net, International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 2019.
    4. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy, Dr.Anupama Nambaru, A Robust Automated Brain tumor segmentation using Niftynet International conference on Digital Health -2019, Houston, TX, April 2019 – presented as Speaker.
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