About me
Meenalosini Vimal Cruz M.sc.,M.Phil.,M.Tech.,Ph.D
Department of Information Technology,
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing,
Georgia Southern University,

With 10 years of teaching and research experience in Computer science, I love to learn and teach cutting edge techniques of Artificial Intelligence.

I have completed Ph.D in Computer Science Engineering in the year 2014, received Master of Technology degree in Computer and Information technology with Gold medal and also completed Master of Science & Master of Philosophy in Physics. My area of specialization is Data science, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Brain Computer Interface.

I have published more than 10 research papers in reputed international journals. As part of my Ph.D, worked on designing computer aided diagnosis tool to automatically detect breast cancer cells in mammogram. I have also worked on developing deep learning algorithms to identify and classify skin cancer cells and analyze brain tissues on MRI images. I have mentored many undergraduate research students in Computer Vision & Data Science research projects. My current research focuses on Brain computer Interface to analyze EEG signals using Machine learning techniques. My research projects are funded by many internal and external resources.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family with two adorable kids and lovable husband who are the reason behind my every success and my parents are the boon throughout my career. My hobbies are Cooking, Painting and Yoga.

Note-- This website is coded by me completely from scratch to demostrate web design techniques to my students.

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