Dr. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz

Institutional Services

Committee Participations
  1. IRB Board member
  2. Teaching Innovative Studio committee member
  3. Virtual task force committee member
  4. CCR advisory board Member
  5. Assessment Committee member KSCSEA 2020
  6. Member of Senate curriculum committee 2018-19

Other services and activities
  1. Chatbot development: Developed a chatbot for Keene State College through AI research activity, which is automatic customer service software.
  2. Community campaign: To address the challenges, we face with enrollment due to COVID-19, recorded a video by sharing the learning experience of particular group of students, who had a successful career at KSC in the effort of motivating local high school students to join KSC in order to support local community campaign of KSC. click the link to access the video
  3. Curriculum development contribution:
      ➢Data Analytics minor
      ➢ Bio-manufacturing curriculum initiatives
      ➢ Neuroscience curriculum initiatives
  4. CS-club Co-sponsor:As a cosponsor for CS club applied for external grant to facilitate the hands-on projects in Raspberry Pi for KSC CS club students and encouraged the KSC CS club students to teach programming to middle school kids
  5. Departmental services:
    ➢ Developed three new courses in Artificial Intelligence domain for the CS program.
    ➢ Founded two new labs Artificial Intelligence Lab (AIL) and Brain Computer Interface – Artificial Intelligence lab (BCI-AI) for computer sciences through research grants
    ➢ Advising 18 CS students d. Mentored 7 research students with internship
    ➢ Participating in SSH poster event consecutively for third year and displaying my student’s project work every year
  6. Campus level talk organizations:
    • Organized free workshops on “cyber security” and provided certificate for the participants
    • Organized campus level seminar-talk on “Global Impact of Artificial Intelligence” inviting the international faculty through Global Speaker grant
    • Organized campus level guest lectures on the following topics,
      ➢ Launching website in cloud
      ➢ Impact of AI in robotics
      ➢ How to write secured code
  7. Indian Paint night: Conducted Indian Paint night event through diversity committee for Public and KSC students

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